pieces of weekends and summer days


I’m beginning this post with the above quote. It holds little bearing on the rest of this entry but: Ladies, ain’t that the truth?

Currently, I’m hitting refresh on the Massachusetts Department of Education website, waiting to enroll in a mandatory ESL-training course for next year. The choices are between Tuesday afternoons and Saturday mornings so I really want to make sure I get into that first time slot. This reminds me of online course registration at college (which, in fact, didn’t happen until midway through my junior year. Prior to that, we had to stand in line at tables in hopes to register for the courses we wanted. It was like opening night of a Star Wars movie.)

Speaking of college, one of my best friends from school is heading up to Boston today (I’ll refrain from saying “shipping up to Boston” but oops I just said it). She’ll be staying with us for a few days, and I’m looking forward to some overdue girl time. One of the greatest things about this particular person is her ability to make any situation fun. We took the most mundane activities in college and made them exciting, usually by incorporating a photo shoot.

Case in point:


The infamous Room Draw event that took place every spring in college. I’m not sure how other schools do it, but at Bard, we were each assigned a number and then all students were herded into the gym like wild goats. As they called our numbers, we were able to step up to the Res Life reps and request a room…but it was first-come, first-serve. When drawing for a shared room or a suite, the best number of the group would serve as the group’s number. I was always plagued with horrible numbers, up until my very last Room Draw, when I had Senior #17 or something amazing like that. I think we were there for a total of ten minutes.

This past weekend was a Poconos weekend.


It feels very fortuitous and lucky to say that this place, which is the lake house of my boyfriend’s family, feels like a second home to me. During one of the first few months that C and I started dating, we pulled up google maps and looked at the distance between his family’s lake house and my family’s house, and we were excited to see that they were only one hour apart. It’s funny to think of it that way now, especially now that he and I share a home together ourselves, but this was during the days of classes, midterms, winter breaks. I suppose we hadn’t yet crossed the bridge into post-collegiate life, when time wasn’t bookended by final exams and transcripts.

But to have multiple places that feels like home, it reinforces the idea that I think we’re all learning: home isn’t necessarily one specific place, but the people you encounter there. Manhattan, the Hudson Valley, Pennsylvania, Cape Cod, Boston, Wisconsin – these places have all been my home from time to time, but not just because I’ve physically lived there. It’s the people that give the word ‘home’ its weight.

Also, take a look at these deer:


Reader Question(s):

  • In relation to the first picture in this post, how do you deal with outfit drama?
  • Do you have one friend who you can do anything with and still have so much fun?
  • Where are your homes?


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8 thoughts on “pieces of weekends and summer days

  1. Ha, that first quote is spot on.. :) I never have anything to wear, ever!
    I am envious of your boyfriend’s family home – gorgeous! Yay for your friend shipping up to Boston! Have fun with girl time!! :)

  2. First of all, any reference to the Dropkick Murphy’s is A-okay in my book. And a lake house sounds like a wonderful escape. My other home is in OCNJ, I am convinced that no other beach that ever comes into my life will compare to the feeling I have when I am there.

  3. I have lived in Sacramento, Santa Barbara, San Francisco (as a wee one), and in France… but even places like the cities where my grandparents live feel like home, since I’ve been there so much throughout the years!

    All those traditions at your school sound sooo crazy. Probably because I went to a college of 18,000 students, so we could never fit everyone into one gym ;-)

  4. It drives me crazy when I look into my closet, see it packed with clothes, and still can’t find anything to wear. And what’s even worse is that I’ll love something one day and hate it the next. So yes, I can very much relate to outfit drama :?

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