two jackets, boots, and a bag: a wish list


I spent yesterday afternoon picking up supplies for my classroom and other back-to-school items, so it seems safe to say that autumn is almost here. While I am still all about living in the present and not rushing away the last droplets of summer, I also think it’s good to be prepared, Lion King style. That is why I spent this morning thinking about important autumnal clothing items I will need, and put together this very brief wish list. I call it a wish list because I probably won’t go out and buy all of these, but let’s just allow these items to serve as inspiration for fall-themed shopping.



Double Breasted Military Coat by Victoria’s Secret – Did you guys know that Victoria’s Secret makes coats now? I didn’t. This season, I will definitely be needing a new long coat, and I love this one. The buttons on the sleeves make it, and I love anything with a big oversized collar.


(Minus The) Leather Peplum Seamed Moto Jacket by Express – In addition to a longer, heavier coat, I think my light autumn jacket will be in need of an upgrade this year. I really like the stitching on this jacket and think the vertical seams will be flattering. Plus the little snaps at the top are cute.


Skarivano Tall Brown Boots by Aldo – Skinny jeans + tall boots = basically my entire autumn and winter uniform. This year, I’m on the hunt for tall brown boots with a flat heel. I have a pair of tall brown boots (and black, and grey) with huge heels, and while they certainly look cute, they’re not the most comfortable.



Nylon Karen Bag by Kate Spade – I think I’ve seen this bag, or one very similar, at TJMaxx, so that might need to happen next time I’m there. I’ll probably need to get rid of some of my purses and handbags, because right now my closet makes me look like a very strange hoarder, but I think it’s time for an upgrade. I’ve been carrying around the same brownish-tan satchel since late spring, and I’m bored. Bored! Time for a new one.

I could probably go on and on with accessory wishes, but I’ll stop there. Shopping. A joy and a curse, n’est-ce pas?

Reader Question: What accessory are you coveting this fall?

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One thought on “two jackets, boots, and a bag: a wish list

  1. I’ve been on the lookout for tall boots without heels for at least a year now…I’m starting to give up hope that I’ll ever find a pair that isn’t $200+ :(

    My current accessory need/want is a new black purse.. I had an adorable crossbody from H&M that lasted me 3 years but the leather strap finally broke!

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