hiatus announcement


The idea for this blog was born in 2009, with the goal of documenting the recipes that my boyfriend and I were cooking together. We fantasized about putting together a cookbook proposal, and although this is something that we still talk about, it was one of those ideas that stayed an idea and didn’t quite come to a tangible fruition. I still hope that we’ll do it one day; I’ve spent hours scouring the cookbook sections at Barnes & Noble and there’s nothing out there like our idea – a cookbook with recipes adaptable to both a vegetarian and meat-lover diet. Everyone who listens to me talk for more than 5 minutes knows that my boyfriend is an amazing photographer, so we have all the right ingredients, no pun intended. Call me Peter Pan (or Justin Bieber), but I subscribe to the “never say never” philosophy. While we haven’t worked towards a book proposal yet, I’m hopeful that one day it still may happen.

Somewhere down the line, a few years later, this blog became more of my own. I started writing about other topics – travel, fashion, life in New England, home organization. I never really expected anyone to read it other than my friends and family, and I was shocked, and still am shocked, and humbled, to visit my stats page and see how many people are visiting my blog. I felt almost star-struck the first time a representative from Chobani reached out to me, and I still am somewhat amazed when companies want to send me free food or products for a review on my blog.

The best part of blogging though is not the free “swag” or the excited rush of new visitors; it’s the connections that you make with other bloggers. The world of blogging has introduced me to so many amazing women who I genuinely think of as true friends – Becky, Carly, Ashley, Sara, Amanda, Lisa, Kate (although we knew each other already), Katie, Meg, Bek, Leslee, I could go on and on. Going to the 2013 Blend Retreat was one of the best things I ever did, because I got to meet so many incredible ladies and have a once-in-a-lifetime experience alongside these women who also value writing, cooking, and fitness. If anything, when I look back on all the time spent editing photos, crafting recipes, writing posts – the friendships I’ve made are the best outcome of it all.

Writing has always been in my blood – I’ve written for as long as I can remember. Sometimes it would be fiction, sometimes it would be the day’s events scrawled in my paper journal. I’ve talked about my Livejournal days, and I look back on them fondly, because I was supremely unfiltered. I wrote with unabashed honesty, and that tiny corner of the internet was my outlet in which I could release all the frustrations, thoughts, emotions that undoubtedly would be pent up inside a 21-year-old girl about to graduate from a small liberal arts school with no plan other than to simply move to Manhattan. My words were carefully selected, sharp, and unapologetic. I didn’t plan out entries or think ahead to what I’d write the next day. It was a reflection of the present, the immediate present, whatever was happening at that moment.

I’m taking a hiatus from my blog now because I want to get back to that kind of writing. The kind of writing that is more introspective, more candid. The kind of writing that pops up in this blog every once in a while – like here, and here. I still keep paper journals, but I find myself writing about the same things over and over, and the words are more careless, less finely crafted, because I know no one will read them but me. I suppose all of this begs the question of – why blog at all? Why not just keep a diary? Why the need to share and perhaps overshare everything, with instagram, twitter, tumblr, facebook? I’m not sure I have the answer to that question – but I suppose it’s rooted in the notion that writers have always sought publication, in one form or another. For centuries, writers have written with the purpose of sharing. And perhaps it comes down to the simplest desire to connect with others – it’s the same reason we read one another’s personal blogs. We seek out confirmation that we’re not alone with certain emotions and thoughts – that others experience the same. We relate through words; words make us who we are.

Cooking For The Other Half was created with a purpose, and that purpose has shifted over time. This blog has changed shape before, and I feel that it’s time for it to change again. I’m not sure what it will be, I’m not sure what it will be called, or if it will even be at this same physical domain. But I know that there’s more to be written, more to be said, and more to be shared.

Stay tuned, dear readers. For what exactly…well, that’s yet to be determined. <3

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6 thoughts on “hiatus announcement

  1. I think we have a very similar blogging past…I used Livejournal for years and it surprises me to go back and read how, yes maybe dramatic, but also how honest and thoughtful those entries were. It’s strange to write a blog now where the posts all have to be in line with a certain “theme”, ya know? Anyway…don’t be a stranger, friend! (Err I mean Blend :P)

  2. <3 I'll definitely miss your posting, but I think it's awesome you're taking a break for YOU. It's so important to do what you want to do and take all the time you need off! I've recently been doing the same, and it feels good to get a little writing break once and a while.

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